Individual Pursuits

We envision a community of inclusion, where all persons can communicate and achieve their hopes and dreams and are recognized as valued members of our community.




The Individual Pursuits Consumer Handbook

Written primarily for families, care-givers and self-advocates, the consumer handbook contains information about our history, the programs we offer, and our unique, specialized approach to service delivery.

In it, you'll find information regarding our Vision Statement, Mission Statement and our Organizational Values.  A detailed section describing our service delivery model and our approach to supporting persons with severe behavioural, medical and psychiatric challenges.  You will find information about of community links and some of the activities we participate in.  We also talk about our staff in terms of the qualifications, certifications and training required to work at Individual Pursuits.

Finally we discuss our innovative admission process, a collaborative approach to individuals' transition into one of our programs.

Download the Consumer Handbook

Client Handbook

The Client Handbook contains information that is important for the individuals we serve, focusing largely on their rights. Communicating the contents, or at least the key concepts, of the Client Handbook to each individual served at our program is a part of everyone's Individual Program Plan (IPP). We try to communicate these concepts in a way that is meaningful and understandable to each individual served. We are often assisted in this by an individual's caregiver, family and friends. We make use of contracted communication specialists in many cases because we feel it's important for all participant's to understand that they are encouraged to communicate with us: telling us what they want, when they don't like something, if they aren't feeling well, etc.

Download the Client Handbook

Visitor Information Form

Before visiting any of our facilities, we ask that persons read the Visitor Information Form and bring a signed copy with them when they come.  It provides some basic safety information that visitors need to be aware of and acknowledge before entering any of our program facilities.

Download the Visitor Information Form

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