Job Description:  Community Support Worker / Key Worker

Last reviewed:  Nov 21, 2007


Ensures the well-being of clients in the day program and/or group home and promotes their development.  A key component of this job is to assist clients in their physical, social, emotional and daily life skills development.  This increases their independence and allows them to function appropriately in the community.

Provides support to adults in care.  Services provided include crisis intervention, behaviour management, and life skills training, whether on a one-to-one basis or in a group environment.

Plans, develops, implements and evaluates recreational, social and/or educational activities for clients served by the organization.

The Worker strives to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in order to encourage client participation in programs.

Reports to the Program Coordinator and Manager.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Aids clients in their own homes/program and in the community to allow them to function more safely and independently.  Facilitates physical, recreational, social and educational activities.  Provides clients with a positive role model.
  2. Identifies social, economic, recreational and educational services in the community that will meet clients’ needs, Maintains liaison with other agencies, professionals, government officials and the community.
  3. Recognizes potential crisis situations, analyzes such situations accurately, develops strategies to deal with such situations, and informs the Key-worker, Supervisor and Manager when such incidents arise.
  4. Recognizes potential emergency situations, analyzes situations accurately, develops strategies to deal with such situations i.e. dispensing medication, dealing with client’s aggressive behaviour to ensure no harm comes to the client, staff and/or the public.
  5. Assists case management team in identifying potential problems.  Provides input to counselors and other professionals with regard to the development of client program plans.
  6. Monitors clients’ well-being.  Assists clients with daily life skills and/or behaviour management training.  Assists clients with basic cooking, etc.  Assists clients in attending appointments when necessary and may provide transportation.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Worker to ensure that all requirements are met to provide safe transportation i.e. proper driver’s license, brake check.
  8. Monitors clients’ progress and well-being and assists case management team in evaluating the effectiveness of planned counseling and support.  Provides suggestions for the modification of clients’ program plans.
  9. Provides emotional support and feedback to clients (and their families and friends where concerned).
  10. Acts as a positive role model for clients, providing life skills training and behaviour management.  Depending on client type, may assist with hygiene, grooming, dispensing and administering medication.
  11. Maintains wither written and/or verbal reports regarding clients’ daily activities and progress.  Ensures that all required documentation is complete and accurate.
  12. Participates in group planning and helps develop individual activity plans which focus on the special needs of each client served by the home/program.
  13. Reviews and evaluates clients’ progress and makes adjustments to programs as required.  Provides feedback and support to fellow staff and clients.
  14. Encourages and facilitates the participation of individuals in the program.  Creates a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in order to enhance the program’s appeal to clients.
  15. Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of new trends in activities programming.
  16. Provides lay counseling support and life skills training to clients.
  17. Provides liaison with other agencies and the community.  Fosters positive working relationships with staff members.
  18. Provides input to management with regard to the development of the program and participates in program evaluations.
  19. Assists clients with therapeutic rehabilitation activities after being taught by a Rehabilitation Therapist and in the presence of the CRD nurse.
  20. Operates office equipment such as:  personal computers, photocopiers, facsimile machines, printers and reports or arranges for equipment repairs.
  21. Maintains chores laid out by supervisor using various power and hand cleaning equipment.  Collects and disposes of refuse and maintains clean refuse areas; dusts, wipes and polishes windows, bathroom and other fixtures and furniture; performs other spot and accidental cleaning as required.  Maintains and cleans parking lots and sidewalks suing hand and powered brooms, rakes, shovels and other equipment to remove dirt, leaves, snow and other refuse; may mow and trim lawn and perform minor gardening tasks.  Performs various minor repairs on plumbing and electrical fixtures, buildings, grounds, furniture and other equipment; changes light bulbs.  Changes and makes beds, keeps an inventory of linens.
  22. Cleans rooms within organization’s buildings or residences:  washes walls; scrubs, cleans and vacuums floors; dusts furniture; cleans mirrors and windows.
  23. Answer phone and/or in-person inquiries and routes to appropriate staff member if required.  Responds to routine queries with regard to the organization and services provided.
  24. With Key-workers develops a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu designed to meet the needs of the clients, ensuring that meals are nutritious and satisfying.  May plan and prepare special diets or special events meals in consultation with the organization’s program staff.
  25. Takes active part in the preparation of various meals.  Prepares and cooks complete meals, snacks, etc. with safe food handling and preparation, safety, and health standards.
  26. Purchases and orders food items necessary for the preparation of meals.  Ensures purchases are within approved budget limits and ensures that inventories of food and other related items are maintained.  As well, is responsible for analyzing the meal preparatory needs of the organization and purchasing the appropriate equipment to meet those needs, referring larger purchases to a supervisor or manager.
  27. Assists clients with personal hygiene and grooming i.e. bathing, oral hygiene, and toileting.
  28. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of internal fire regulations and procedures, and other emergency procedures.  Ensures health and safety standards are maintained.
  29. Assures that all medication is administered, following the current procedures.
  30. Performs other related duties as required.